Membership in the Rhode Island Association of Emergency Managers is open to anyone having a professional or academic interest in the field of emergency management. Along with state and local officials, our association includes representatives from private industry, hospitals and healthcare facilities, higher education, volunteer organizations, and a number of other sectors.

Follow the easy steps below to process your new membership application or membership renewal:

Step #1 Submit invoice for payment to your organization.

Template Invoice 2016-17 – For members to use to submit to accounts payable or other financial processes.

Step #2 Complete Application.

RIAEM Membership Application – Please fill out a membership application for new and renewal memberships.

Step #3 Submit Application.

Mail or email to:

RIAEM Membership, P.O. Box 8365, Cranston, RI  02920.


Membership Benefits

Benefits of RIAEM membership include:

  • Continued Professional Development opportunities
  • Access to information sharing forums and discussions
  • Opportunities to expand professional networks
  • State certification program for credential enhancement
  • Regular dialogue with State/Local emergency management leaders
  • Support/Mentorship opportunities with national EM certification endeavors
  • Participation in forward-looking resource typing and credentialing workgroups

Membership Levels

RIAEM offers membership options based on your Emergency Management responsibilities.

Individual Membership ($50)
Individual membership is defined as a person who is directly responsible for directing, planning, administering or coordinating emergency management activities for their respective organization be it public, private or non-profit.

Associate Membership ($25)
Associate membership is defined as a person who supports emergency management activities. They may be an elected official, public safety organization member, emergency management support personnel, American Red Cross or CERT volunteer or any other person who believes in and supports the Association’s purpose, who may not be eligible for membership in any other classification.

Corporate Membership ($150 – Up to 10 employees) ($250 – More than 10 employees)
Corporate membership is defined as and afforded to any business or industry, political entity or other group or organization that is interested in furthering the Emergency Management profession and aligns with the purpose of this Association.

Student Membership ($15)
Student membership shall be accorded to any individual attending an accredited post-secondary school in an emergency management program in a part-time or full time basis.

Join RIAEM Today!

To join the Rhode Island Association of Emergency Managers, please email the secretary at or download our membership application. RIAEM Membership Application